August 30, 2016

Your government at work

Tens Of Millions, perhaps Billions, In ‘Consumer Relief’ Funds Going To Liberal Activists

The Obama administration has quietly funneled millions (and potentially billions) of dollars to leftist organizations and politicians that promote liberal policies and win political elections at the every level of government, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The funneling mechanism for these funds is the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group (RMBS), a collaborative effort by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice (including many United States Attorneys Offices), the New York State Attorney General’s Office, and many others.

The RMBS was created in 2012 following the mortgage-backed securities scandal that ultimately led to the Great Recession. The group is focused on finding “evidence of false or misleading statements, deception, or other misconduct by market participants (such as loan originators, sponsors, underwriters, trustees, and others) in the creation, packaging, and sale of mortgage-backed securities.”

Over the past four years, The RMBS, along with the Department of Justice, has reached “multibillion-dollar settlements with essentially every major bank in America,” the Journal reports......

All in all, these banks (and many others) were required to pay some $11 billion in consumer relief–a program that requires banks to pay back funds to consumers who lost assets due to mismanagement. ...

Bank of America was able to reduce the penalty imposed by the government by simply “giving millions of dollars to liberal groups approved by the Obama administration,” according to the Washington Examiner. Allegedly, the Justice Department created a provision wherein every dollar a bank gives to nonprofits, it can claim at least two dollars off its settlement.

IRS doesn’t tell 1 million taxpayers that illegals stole their Social Security numbers

Investigators first alerted the IRS to the problem five years ago, but it’s still not fixed, the inspector general said, and a pilot program meant to test a solution was canceled — and fell woefully short anyway. As a result, most taxpayers don’t learn that their identities have been stolen and their Social Security files may be screwed up.

That's like the FBI Failing to Inform Americans on ISIS 'Kill List

A large number of Americans on the Islamic State's latest kill list have not been informed by the FBI of their inclusion on the list, nor have local law enforcement been notified about the potential dangers facing them, a website probe has discovered.

The names and addresses of more than 15,000 U.S citizens were found by security officials on encrypted Islamic State websites, but many of the potential targets for lone-wolf Islamists and/or jihadi sleeper cells only found out about the threat when contacted by investigative journalists at the website Circa.
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