September 12, 2016

An even darker side to identity theft

When victims of identity theft become criminal suspects and law enforcement or creditors mistakenly targeted them because someone else used their identity to commit crimes.

Stolen Identities, Stolen Lives

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes, taking billions from American consumers each year. Now the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit has uncovered a more insidious form of stolen identity that can also take your freedom.

The Federal Trade Commission monitors identity theft crimes nationwide. The Investigative Unit combed through years of FTC complaint data and found nearly 15,000 reports since 2013 from victims of identity theft who mistakenly had criminal and civil actions waged against them.
NBC Bay Area’s investigation found that the current system to track and catch identity thieves is so fragmented thousands of people like Jennifer become trapped for years, unable to extract themselves, even when they do everything officials tell them to do.

It’s a nightmare that dental assistant Jennifer Vrooman says she has been living for over a decade.
After a decade of saving every receipt, every memo, every police report and credit application, Jennifer Vrooman says she’s done everything to protect herself, yet still finds her entire life stolen held hostage to that person out there who might pop up and use her identity again.
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