September 12, 2016

The flair of a good insult

50+ Old Fashioned Insults We Should Bring Back

Our storehouse of insults could surely use replenishing, and for this re-stocking operation there’s no better place to go than the slang of the 19th century – a time of truly colorful and entertaining verbiage. These old-fashioned put-downs have a flair that modern insults lack — they’re clever, nuanced, descriptive, and quite amusing (at least to the issuer and those who overhear, if not to the receiver!).

Afternoon Farmer - A laggard; a farmer who rises late and is behind in his chores; hence, anyone who loses his opportunities.

Cad - A mean fellow; a man trying to worm something out of another, either money or information.

Cow-Handed  Awkward.

Duke of Limbs - A tall, awkward fellow.

Fussbudget - A nervous, fidgety person.

Fribble - A trifler, idler, good-for-nothing fellow; silly and superficial.

Gadabout - A person who moves or travels restlessly or aimlessly from one social activity or place to another, seeking pleasure; a traipesing gossip; as a housewife seldom seen at home, but very often at her neighbor’s doors.

Gasser - Braggart.

Ginger-Snap - A hot-headed person.

Grumbletonian - A discontented person; one who is always railing at the times.

Poltroon - An utter coward.

Nincompoop - A fool.

Stingbum - A stingy or ungenerous person.

Wrinkler - A person prone to lying.
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