November 14, 2016

Miscellany #49

The New York Times, the so-called paper of record, reports on the U.S. Presidential election.  The first is satire; the second is not.

Trump Forces Black Family From Home

'Democrats, Students And Foreign Allies Face The Reality Of A Trump Presidency."  Howard Kurtz said,"This is the most incredible headline I have ever seen in The New York Times , big screaming banner: 'Democrats, Students And Foreign Allies Face The Reality Of A Trump Presidency.'Just think about this for a second. The man has just won perhaps the greatest political upset victory in the history of American politics. He proved all the pundits and prognosticators wrong. He is the next president of the United States...

Daylight Savings Made Each of These Twins the Older One

Daylight Savings Time makes for some weird situations -one particularly strange example took place this year, when Emily and Seth Peterson gave birth to twins on November 6. One twin, Samuel, was born at 1:39 AM, but the later born twin Ronan arrived after the time change -at 1:10 AM. So which one is older -the one born first or the one born at an earlier time?


More Accurate World Map Wins Prestigious Design Award You probably won't like it, but what went into its creation is fascinating.


Do The Dutch Reach — A Bicyclist You Didn't Door Will Thank You.  And you may save a life

Michael Charney, a 70-year-old retired doctor from Cambridge, Massachusetts, is spearheading a grassroots campaign to end dooring forever. The campaign promotes the Dutch Reach — a technique where a driver reaches over with his right hand to open the car door, forcing him to turn his body, look over his shoulder — and hopefully see any oncoming cyclists.

"It's simple, it's obvious, and it costs nothing" Charney told The Boston Globe. "People just have to switch from one thoughtless habit to another thoughtless habit — but the second one is safer."

Armenian Fashion illustrator Edgar Artis Creates Amazing Dress Designs Using Everyday Objects   

 Pasta Dress Edgar-Artis

Famous Paintings Made Real With 3D Technology
A neat little video of 13 different Van Gogh's paintings turned into 3D scenes by Luca Agnani studios at the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands.

Funny, Creative Real-Life Trolls from De Milked

 Mystery In Bookstore

A giant, mysterious Celtic cross made of trees was recently discovered in a forest in Donegal county in Ireland.

 Celticcross Forest

An investigation by UTV found the answer: local forester Liam Emmery secretly created the image years ago by planting two different kinds of trees, telling few people about it outside his family. His wife Norma said she had forgotten about the image since Liam died 6 years ago.
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