December 11, 2016

Miscellany #51

Rogue Beaver Apprehended After Trashing Store That Sells Fake Christmas Trees

Anonymouse Opened Up Stores For Mice In Sweden


 Context Little-Mouse-Shop-Sweden

Bullets from the Battle of Gallipoli

 Gallipoli Bullets

The Best Military Tricks to Make Your Daily Life Easier like how to keep your dress shirt tucked in and waterproof gadgets using two condoms.

Here Are the Real Boundaries of American Metropolises, Decided by an Algorithm
How is the U.S. actually split geographically?

 Real Boundaries American Cities click to enlarge

In Defense of Fahrenheit
A lot of scientific thought went into developing the United States' stubbornly-held temperature system.  For example Fahrenheit is a more precise scale than Celsius.

Two women sue groom after getting hit in the head by drone at wedding

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