January 13, 2017

Life Pro Tips

When purchasing products with warranties, set an alarm in your calendar for 1 month before it ends. .If there are any defects, make use of the warranty

When you meet someone in a wheelchair don't bend over, kneel, or stoop to greet them. Stand normally and look them in the eye.

When leaving a important voicemail give your name and number at the beginning and end of the message. They then won't have to go through the whole voicemail to get your number again. They'll appreciate you saving them time.

Organize your clothes based on what activity you're doing, not by type of clothing... e.g. one drawer for casual wear, one drawer for workout clothes, one drawer or section of the closet for going out clothes, and one for work clothes. This makes your outfit options readily available and saves time when selecting clothing every day, which is usually based on activity.

When you sign up for anything online, put the websites name as your middle name. That way when you receive spam/advert emails, you will know who sold your info.

When lending a pen or marker hand it over without the cap, you are much more likely to get it back

Before checking in at the airport, take a photograph of your luggage. A picture is worth a thousand words if your bags get lost!

Keep your gas tank at least halfway full in the winter.  Condensation can form in the empty part of your gas tank. In the winter that condensation can freeze, collect into icy blockages in your fuel lines and create problems with starting your car.

When getting repairs on your car, ask the mechanic to let you take pictures of the problem for your records.

If an indoor cat gets outside and lost, put their litter box outside. They can smell it from up to a mile away and find their way home.

One 18 inch pizza is more pizza than two 12 inch pizzas.  Sometimes it's better value to order a large instead of two mediums.

When someone (esp. a child) shows you something they've made never say 'What is it?' say 'Tell me more about this.'

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