January 19, 2017

Miscellany #54

Salve Regina: The modern version of an ancient hymn dedicated to Mary

 Friar Gabriel

Friar Gabriel is no ordinary man: not only is he skilled in Gregorian chant, he also performs all of his own stunts on the skateboard.

My favorite gifs of the week: Dolphins surfing,    Cactus bloomingUrban skiing  Populating a lake with fish from a plane  Cleaning snow off a roof 

He was soothing his crying baby at 2 AM when he looked out the window and saw these.

 Light-Pillars Timothy
Light Pillars / Credit: Timothy Joseph Elzinga 2017

Why Are Bananas Berries, But Strawberries Aren't?

Your cure for the blues  A15 minute cure that really works.

Feel the mascot's frustration in this local commercial

He looks like a handsome cowboy but he's really an historical linguist    Just listen to hear how beautiful medieval Norse sounds when spoken by Dr. Jackson Crawford. 

 Jackson Crawford Wyoming Linguist

The Amazing Lavender Labyrinth in West Michigan 

 Lavendar Labyrinth

French cyclist Robert Marchand still breaking records at 105. 

 105 Cyclist Award

Extraordinary images by Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva  who spent 3 Days Walking On Frozen Baikal, The Deepest And Oldest Lake On Earth.


The National Park Service Protects Its $40 million Investment in Growing Grass on the National Mall.  Every day 30,000 people walk over the national front lawn.  On Inauguration Day, some 800,000 to 1,000,000 are expected.

The technology to protect turf is a relatively recent invention, too. For the inauguration, contractors are bringing in special panels, 16 square feet each, to cover up the grass. To the human eye, they look white, but they’re actually translucent, which allows light to reach the grass and keep it healthy. The bottoms of the panels are honeycombed with small, square cells that protect the grass crowns from being crushed and act like mini greenhouses.
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