February 14, 2017

Sometimes you just don't have the words...

The language of love: 10 romantic expressions around the world for which there is no English word.



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Their 71st Valentine's Day Together

Auschwitz survivor, 92, and the Scottish soldier, 96, who saved her as she was being marched to her DEATH celebrate their 71st Valentine's Day together

John Mackay will celebrate his 71st Valentine's Day with the prisoner he saved. During WW2, his unit liberated Jewish prisoners, among them his future wife. Edith Steiner caught Mr Mackay's eye at a dance to celebrate their liberation.

 Valentine Couple 1944 
The couple married on July 17, 1946, and have been 'wholly dedicated' to each other since. With a family of two children, seven grandchildren and five great-grand-children, they worked as hoteliers before retiring to live at a care home in Dundee.

 Valentine Couple 92+96
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