February 21, 2017

“Drinking home alone in your underwear, with no intention of going out.”

10 Extremely Precise Words for Emotions You Didn’t Even Know You Had

L’appel du vide, or “the call of the void" .You’re waiting for the train when an inexplicable thought flashes into your mind: What if you jumped off the platform? ... the emotion is so unsettling because of the way it “creates an unnerving, shaky sensation of not being able to trust one’s own instincts.”
Awumbuk - the feeling of “emptiness after visitors depart.”
Ilinx - a French word for “the ‘strange excitement’ of wanton destruction.
Torschlusspanik - that fretful sensation of time running out. . The deadline’s approaching. The train’s a-comin’. Literally translated from German, torschlusspanik means “gate-closing panic.”

Not all are from other languages. 

Brabant - a word for the fun of pushing someone’s buttons, to see how much you can tease them until they snap.
Pronoia  - t
he “strange, creeping feeling that everyone’s out to help you.”

But my favorite is  kalsarikannit, a Finnish term that roughly translates to “drinking home alone in your underwear, with no intention of going out.”  This Finnish Word Makes Your Sad Weekend Plans Sound a Little Cooler

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