February 24, 2017

Miscellany #58

Drunk Canadian Men Arrested for Riding Couch Towed Behind ATV Through McDonalds Drive-Thru.
but, as Stephen Green points out, "They were wearing helmets."  OH, CANADA!

The Mesmerizing 'Glory Hole' Spillway (drone video at the link)

 Overflowing Glory Hole

Earth has a new continent
Scientists say the 5 million square kilometre landmass east of Australia should be formally known as ZEALANDIA.  11 geologists argue that Zealandia has all four attributes necessary to be considered a continent....'It was not a sudden discovery but a gradual realization,' the scientists wrote....The new continent would be the 'youngest, thinnest, and most submerged' of the continents, with 94 percent of the landmass submerged in water.


Winners of the 2017 World Press Photo Contest

 Fire In Ukraine 1St Prize
Long-Term Projects, First Prize—Black Days Of Ukraine by Valery Melnikov / Rossia Segodnya

 Rescued From Rubble Syria
Spot News, Second Prize, Stories—Rescued From the Rubble (Syria) by Ameer Alhalbi / AFP

French diner overwhelmed with customers after it is accidentally awarded a Michelin star.  They confused Bouche à Oreille, Bourges with Bouche à Oreille, Boutervilliers, 100 miles away.


The Coffee Shaman  Meet the man responsible for third-wave coffee—and the Frappuccino.

George Howell “pushed light roasts and single-origin beans” while the rest of us were still drin­king Nescafé. He invented the Frappucino, sold out to Starbucks, then travelled the world for decades meeting growers. Now he is back with a new method for grading coffee beans — and it seems to work: “The third cup tastes unbelievable, so good that each hit from the cupping spoon exerts a magnetic effect on my tongue as powerful as the crumbs at the bottom of a bag of Doritos”

You can try it for yourself at his new cafe, George Howell Coffee in Newton, Mass.

How a Mexican Janitor Invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos  The Frito-Lay janitor is now an executive vice president at PepsiCo, all because of a spicy snack.

The Last Howard Johnson’s in the Universe.  America’s first great restaurant chain comes to the end of the road.

 Howard Johnson

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