March 2, 2017

Sounds that make us happy

Sounds that make the nation happy.

According to the World Health Organization, there are 360 million people living with disabling hearing loss worldwide.
Hearing loss is a major public health issue and its impact is set to increase. 'In adulthood hearing loss is associated with greater unemployment, increased risk of poor health, depression and increased risk of other conditions including dementia.'

March 3 is designated World Hearing Day.  To mark the occasion, Cochlear commissioned a poll of 1000 people in the UK to reveal the top 5 happy sounds:

1. Children laughing
2. Birds singing
3. Being told 'I love you'
4. Waves crashing
5. Music

Others which missed the top five included the revving of a car engine, walking on gravel and the sound of skis on fresh snow as well as the grind of a coffee machine and rain on a tin roof.

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What happens after twins marry twins?

Twin sisters who married identical brothers  are now pregnant at the SAME TIME

Identical twin brothers Zholdasbek and Torebek Tolepbergenuly and sisters Asyl and Aiym Binazarova married in a joint ceremony wearing identical outfits.

 Twins Marry Twins

And the similarities don't end there - both brothers are trainee vets and the sisters are each studying to be teachers, and the couples even live together in one house.

The foursome met after Zholdasbek started chatting up Asyl in a shop - and even jokingly asked if she had a sister for his twin. Zholdasbek said: 'I asked if she had a sister, as I was with my brother, and was amazed when she told me that she had a twin. The twins married identical brothers Zholdasbek and Torebek Tolepbergenuly in a joint ceremony wearing matching outfits, and are now both expecting as they each approach their second wedding anniversary.

Since their wedding both of the couples have become parents. Zholdasbek and Aiym have a son, while Torebek and Asyl have a daughter.  The couples are celebrating two years since they first met - and both of the wives are pregnant for the second time.
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