March 13, 2017


The Only Way You'll Ever Put A Band-Aid On Your Fingertip Again

 Bandaid Finger

When Ordinary Chapstick Becomes a Survival Tool.  Lip Balm Survival Hacks

Make a candle
Start fires faster
Use as emergency waterproofing
Stop bleeding in minor cuts and scrapes
Use on high-friction areas between boots/clothing and skin
Use as emergency sunscreen
Turn your flashlight into a makeshift lantern
Lubricate and maintain your gear on the go

Sommelier reveals why you should ALWAYS choose the cheapest wine from the menu at restaurants

If you thought you had been outsmarting restaurants by plumping for the second or third cheapest wine on the list, then think again....restaurants know diners will often opt for one above the cheapest, and will place wines with higher mark-ups in these coveted slots....'You are better served to order the cheapest wine, which diners often neglect out of fear or embarrassment and thus is often a better value."

if you've bought a cheap wine that doesn't taste good, there is a way to instantly improve the taste. Adding a few grains of salt can balance out uneven flavors.

If you're in temporary or rental accommodations and Sick of drafty windows, this is a great tip to stay warm inside.

Lifestyle blogger Jill Nystul reveals her genius hack to insulate your home just bubble wrap, a spray bottle filled with water and scissors...  Water should keep bubble wrap adhered to glass....Larger bubbles make it easier to see through...easily removed....can be reapplied as often as you want.

Ready for a spring clean? VERY clever hacks using a sprinkling of cinnamon, a squirt of shaving foam and a dab of olive oil will get your home gleaming,  Lint roller for lampshades, olive oil to shine stainless steel, rubber gloves to remove pet hair, clean plastic toys in dishwasher

How to get a super-sized memory in 40 days: Scientists say 30 minutes of daily training can DOUBLE your capacity to remember facts

Scans found ordinary members of the public had brains as sharp as the world's greatest memorizers after a simple brain training course using 'memory palaces'.  After 40 days of daily 30-minute training sessions individuals who had typical memory skills at the start and no previous practice more than doubled their capacity.  Brain scans showed that memory training actually alters the brain functions. The learning strategy was loci training (another term for memory palaces) which involves linking lists with places.

Using this strategy, items on a list are associated with a remembered place, and users navigate that remembered place as they recall the list.  If you want to remember a shopping list, for example, you imagine putting all the items in specific locations in a familiar place, such as your living room. By visualizing your living room as you walk around the supermarket, you can then recall what you want to buy.
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Feel-good miscellany

Chef at two-Michelin-star Danish restaurant Noma makes his longtime DISHWASHER a partner in the business

Ali Sonko, a 62-year-old from Gambia, has been the head dishwasher at the famed Copenhagen restaurant Noma since it opened in 2003. And this week, chef René Redzepi rewarded him massively for it: The food genius made him a new partner in the award-winning eatery.  Redzepi also named two other longtime employees, restaurant manager James Spreadbury and service director Lau Richter, as partners.

 Employees Named Partners
Chef René Redzepi (far right)

'This is only the beginning, as we plan to surprise several more of our staff with a piece of the walls that they have chosen to work so hard within. This move is one of the happiest moments of my time at Noma.'  Speaking of the dishwasher in particular, Redzepi said at a staff party: 'Ali is the heart and soul of Noma. I don't think people appreciate what it means to have a person like Ali in the house. He is all smiles, no matter how his 12 children fare.'

In Kentucky, Boy asks mom for haircut ‘like his friend’ so teacher can’t tell them apart

 Black+White Boys Haircuts

Bus Driver Spots A Woman On The Bridge. He Pulls Over, Asks For A Hug And Saves Her Life

Driver Damone Hudson was crossing the Main Street Bridge that spans the Great Miami River in downtown Dayton when he noticed a woman standing on the other side of the rail.  Surveillance footage shows him pulling his bus over to the side of the road before opening the door and urging the woman to step back from the ledge.

He then said, "Ma'am, you look like you're having a bad day, you know. Can I give you a hug?"  When police arrived the woman stood back from the ledge, and Hudson carried on with his route.  "Everyone's going through something. Even if you are, just reach out and try to touch someone, even if it's in a small way," Hudson said.

You Can Hear The Difference Between Hot And Cold Water  What's really interesting is that you already knew this. It's just something you're not aware of consciously.

A pregnant mom spent months carrying around a secret trophy in her purse, waiting for a single moment.

Lin, a pregnant working mother in New York City,...decided to have a unique thank you prepared for the first man to offer his seat...She bought a small, bronze, trophy-like figurine with a plaque that said, “#1 DECENT DUDE. First Man to Offer Subway Seat to Pregnant Woman throughout Two Pregnancies.” Lin cleverly kept it tucked away in her work bag, secretly waiting for its winner.

She found him in Ricky Barksdale....An honored (and surprised) Barksdale explained, “It’s just a common courtesy thing … I have no problem giving up a seat regardless of how tired I am, or where I’m going.”

 Trophy Decent Dude

Brothers Use Website To 'Borrow' Puppy That Helps Grandma With Alzheimer's

Brothers Richard and Martin Dawson look after their grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago. "Nan, 95, would get very upset whenever she experienced pain or confusion. But the brothers noticed she became lovingly distracted by their baby nephew.  "Since their nephew couldn’t be around all the time, the siblings thought a dog might have a similar positive impact on their grandmother."

That's when Richard discovered a website called, which connects people looking for a bit of puppy affection with local dog owners and their pets. Richard connected with a woman named Ann and her dog Orla, a 9-month-old dachshund puppy. Nan and Orla immediately hit it off. Orla visits with Nan twice a week. But after seeing the affect it has on their grandmother, the brothers plan on setting up more play dates.


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