March 13, 2017


The Only Way You'll Ever Put A Band-Aid On Your Fingertip Again

 Bandaid Finger

When Ordinary Chapstick Becomes a Survival Tool.  Lip Balm Survival Hacks

Make a candle
Start fires faster
Use as emergency waterproofing
Stop bleeding in minor cuts and scrapes
Use on high-friction areas between boots/clothing and skin
Use as emergency sunscreen
Turn your flashlight into a makeshift lantern
Lubricate and maintain your gear on the go

Sommelier reveals why you should ALWAYS choose the cheapest wine from the menu at restaurants

If you thought you had been outsmarting restaurants by plumping for the second or third cheapest wine on the list, then think again....restaurants know diners will often opt for one above the cheapest, and will place wines with higher mark-ups in these coveted slots....'You are better served to order the cheapest wine, which diners often neglect out of fear or embarrassment and thus is often a better value."

if you've bought a cheap wine that doesn't taste good, there is a way to instantly improve the taste. Adding a few grains of salt can balance out uneven flavors.

If you're in temporary or rental accommodations and Sick of drafty windows, this is a great tip to stay warm inside.

Lifestyle blogger Jill Nystul reveals her genius hack to insulate your home just bubble wrap, a spray bottle filled with water and scissors...  Water should keep bubble wrap adhered to glass....Larger bubbles make it easier to see through...easily removed....can be reapplied as often as you want.

Ready for a spring clean? VERY clever hacks using a sprinkling of cinnamon, a squirt of shaving foam and a dab of olive oil will get your home gleaming,  Lint roller for lampshades, olive oil to shine stainless steel, rubber gloves to remove pet hair, clean plastic toys in dishwasher

How to get a super-sized memory in 40 days: Scientists say 30 minutes of daily training can DOUBLE your capacity to remember facts

Scans found ordinary members of the public had brains as sharp as the world's greatest memorizers after a simple brain training course using 'memory palaces'.  After 40 days of daily 30-minute training sessions individuals who had typical memory skills at the start and no previous practice more than doubled their capacity.  Brain scans showed that memory training actually alters the brain functions. The learning strategy was loci training (another term for memory palaces) which involves linking lists with places.

Using this strategy, items on a list are associated with a remembered place, and users navigate that remembered place as they recall the list.  If you want to remember a shopping list, for example, you imagine putting all the items in specific locations in a familiar place, such as your living room. By visualizing your living room as you walk around the supermarket, you can then recall what you want to buy.
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