March 25, 2017

Miscellany #62

Earliest known photo of Elvis Presley with parents Gladys and Vernon in 1938

 Elvis Earliest Photo

Scott Adams Declares Mobile Phone Carriers to Be Enemies of the State

My observation is that smartphones have made half of all adults mentally ill. I mean that literally, not figuratively. The business model of phones is addiction, not value. And they addict you at the expense of the things humans need in their lives to be happy and healthy.  Kids have it worse. They haven’t developed any natural defenses. They are pure victims.  Today I declare the phone companies to be enemies of the state. They are ruining everything you love, and everything you care about. And they are doing it right in front of you.

Hüseyin Sahin's Dream-like Photo Collages

 Digital Collage

The Big Dig in Boston. Did it Deliver? 10 years later

[T]he most expensive highway in US history, the Central Artery and Tunnel project...It didn’t just cost a lot of money. The copy-and-paste phrase on reporters’ computers was that it was “plagued by cost overruns,” ballooning from $2.6 billion to nearly $15 billion ($24 billion, counting interest on the debt). It didn’t simply take more time than expected; it was eight years behind schedule by the time it was done.

 Bigdig 10Yearsold

Girl Turns Her Skin Into Art After Being Bullied For Having Vitiligo

Diagnosed with vitiligo when she was 12 years old, Ash Soto was ashamed of her skin and bullied as a teen-ager
It wasn’t until she started doing body art that she learned to love her skin condition....“I never realized how beautiful my vitiligo was until I traced it with a black marker."

 Ashley-Soto Vitiligo-Body-Art-Map

Hushme - The Weird Mask Muffles Your Voice to Keep Phone Calls Private

Don’t you just hate it when you have to take an important phone call and you’re surrounded by potential eavesdroppers? You either have to whisper or go outside to keep the conversation private, which is not exactly ideal.


Hushme is a bizarre high-tech mask that blocks the sound of the wearer’s voice so that people nearby can’t hear what is being said. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and comes with a pair of earbuds. When you get a private call, all you have to do is put the muzzle-like mask on and it will do the rest. The pair of thick cushy pads over your mouth do a good job of muffling your voice, but to ensure nothing gets through, Hushme also features external that play a variety of sounds when you speak.

March Madness


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