March 28, 2017

Brexit begins

Brendan O'Neil writes on Facebook via Instapundit

What's amazing is the patience and dignity of Brexit voters. For nine months the political elite raged against them, ridiculed them, demonised them; branded them racist, destructive, "low information"; dragged their democratic choice to the courts in the hope that some clever judge would declare it illegitimate; took to the streets to call them idiots and buffoons and unwitting slaves of demagoguery; held them responsible for economic downturn and a return of fascism; declared them unfit for serious public life, which is apparently best left to experts. And yet Brexit voters didn't go mad or riot or crumble. They stuck to their principles (an amazing 96% say they'd vote for Brexit again) and patiently waited for their political choice to be acted upon. They kept their faith in democracy. They behaved liked the free-willed, autonomous adults that democracy needs in order to work and thrive.
The future is safe in their hands.

“Dover and Out”: UK Tabloid Celebrates Brexit in Grand Style

IT’S finally here . . . the most momentous day in Britain’s modern history. Today, Theresa May will officially tell the EU: We’re off.....British Prime Minister Theresa May officially triggered the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union on Tuesday.  To celebrate, pro-sovereignty tabloid The Sun projected giant images on the iconic White Cliffs of Dover facing the continent.


 Better Dover Out

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