March 30, 2017

Miscellany #63

The Movie Elvis Did with Mary Tyler Moore - Change of Habit (1969)

 Mary Tyler Moore+Elvis

Mary elaborated on their relationship years later in her 1995 autobiography: "I was his last leading lady. The King would slyly say later on, 'I slept with every one of my leading ladies but one.' I don't want to bust anyone's cover, but I know who the 'one' is."

Star-crossed and destined for love?

Newborns named Romeo and Juliet born hours apart to different parents in the same hospital and named coincidentally pose for literary photoshoot. 

 Babies Romeo+Juliet

Vietnamese Man Hasn’t Clipped His Fingernails in Over 35 Years


HA! Title of motion in lawsuit against Buzzfeed is amazing!

"When I was a federal law clerk, I would've granted this motion based solely on the title, hands down"

These Indian Runner Ducks Are Late For Work 

 Indian Runner Ducks

Believe it or not, these are just a few of the 800 ducks going to work in the Vergenoegd Wine Estate in Australia.  They have an important job to do- eating the snails off the vines.  After work, they all go for a swim and then back home for dinner.  Watch their day on YouTube.

Amazingly beautiful.  Perseids meteor shower from space

This shower peaks in mid-August, when Earth intersects the dust cloud left by comet Swift-Tuttle.  It's an interactive map so you can look at all the meteor showers at once, then pan out to see what looks like a thumbs-up.

Earth’s newest cloud is terrifying videos at link.

 Cloud Asperatus Photo  Elaine Patrick

On World Meteorological Day, March 23rd, the World Meteorological Organization made its first addition to the International Cloud Atlas in over half a century to recognize the cloud formation “asperitas". 
There Are Now 12 New Cloud Types.  In the new Cloud Atlas  – which the WMO says will now primarily exist as a web portal – the body has recognized one new species, called volutus.  Also known as a roll cloud, volutus are usually long and hang low in the sky, and their tube-shaped bodies sometimes look like they're rolling, as the name suggests:
 Volutus Cloud

Cute little girl hugs a discarded water heater she thinks is a robot, "Hi robot. l wuv you."  Adorable video

 Little Girl Hugs Robot

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