April 5, 2017

Tips and hacks

The best airplane life hacks

If you use a neck pillow while traveling you're probably using it incorrectly... Look again at all those people wearing the neck pillows. Where do they have the opening? They have a thick side on the back of their neck, pushing them forward towards the open gap in the neck pillow…the exact place their head is going to fall....With the neck pillows, you really should have it open to the back. The back of your head is supported by the seat back. Your chin against the pillow will keep you upright and let you sleep easier.

How to keep bananas fresh, spread hard butter, and make perfect pasta -

Food hacks: Fry your pasta, microwave your lemons, freeze your onions, soften your butter, keep your bananas fresh with plastic wrap and more.

The VERY clever uses for old tea bags

1. Add flavor to your pasta  2. Condition hair  3. Beat bad breath  4. Make floors shine  5. Beating odours  6. Degrease dishes  7. Soothe irritated skin  8. Beat bee stings  9. Help plants grow  10. Make windows and mirrors shine

Keep your bagged lettuce fresher longer.  When you get open, open the bag and tuck in a paper towel.

100-Year-Old Life Hacks That Are Still Useful Today

 Tip Extract Splinter

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