May 25, 2017

"We are either invisible, expendable, a threat, or a wallet"

To those who say gender is a social construct, look at the science: Researchers Identify 6,500 Genes That Are Expressed Differently in Men and Women

If you are a woman, just imagine yourself as a man in a society described by these men.  66 Guys Explain Why It Sucks To Be A Man:

5. We are treated as second-class citizens by female teachers.
12. We get laughed at if we get raped.
15. We are presumed guilty in the court of public opinion.
18. We don’t get believed when we say females bully us, too.
24. We get lonely and nobody cares.
25. We can’t be victimized by women according to the law.
30. We’re routinely trivialized as untrustworthy or evil.
32. We’re all viewed as potential rapists.
36. We have to tiptoe around every single conversation or interaction with a female in case they get ‘offended.’
41. We have no advocacy organizations.
42. We are the vast majority of the homeless population.
54. We have no real choice in the ‘pro-choice’ debate.
57. We suffer nearly all workplace deaths.
60. We’re automatically presumed to be the aggressor in all domestic disputes.
64. We are either invisible, expendable, a threat, or a wallet.

Americans don't want what feminists want

Predictably, "Lean In" has been a spectacular failure. "Sheryl Sandberg's 2013 book 'Lean In' has spawned lasting initiatives meant to spur the progress of women to positions of power in major corporations," writes author and professor Steven Rhoads. But such efforts have failed since "most women who have dependent children don't want to work full time, much less to put in the hours required of corporate titans."

A new study by the Council of Contemporary Families was released that shows fewer young people want gender equality at home! The study found an increase in the number of college-bound students who believe families are better off if men are "the achievers outside the home" and women "handled most of the family and domestic duties." There has also been "an uptick in the number who prefer the men to be dominant."

It seems to today's young people are wiser than the feminists who came before them. In fact, a mere "25 percent of the women Millennial voters and 15 percent of the Millennial men" identify as feminists. That's not because they've "shifted back to more traditional views of the roles of the sexes," notes Belinda Luscombe of Time but because, unlike feminists, they recognize the significance and value of domestic life and accept that sex differences are a vital component of any good marriage.

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