May 30, 2017

How much has changed in 50 years

6 Statistics That Show How Much America Has Changed in a Half-Century 

Drawing on five decades of statistics, anecdotes, and other research, Murray sets out to make the case that America is, well, coming apart—economically, socially, and culturally.

It’s a fascinating book, largely because Murray really did his homework. Murray provides so many statistics and poignant anecdotes that his readers quickly realize a startling fact: the America of 1963 scarcely resembles that of 2017 from a social and cultural perspective.

1. Marriage Was Practically Universal And Divorce Extraordinarily Rare.

2. Out-Of-Wedlock Births Almost Never Happened, Especially In White Families.

3. Illegal Drugs Were Rare And Considered Exotic.

4. Religious Values Were Widely Held And Shared.

5. It Was Not Socially Acceptable For Men To Be Idle.

6. Television Was Much More Influential Than It Is Today.
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