June 23, 2017

Miscellany #71

The Roman Empire’s 250,000 Miles of Roadways Imagined as a Subway Transit Map by University of Chicago sophomore Sasha Trubetskoy.  For $9, he'll send you a full-resolution pdf to print as a poster

 Romanempire Subway

Girl Mistakes Bride For Real-Life Princess From Book She’s Holding

“My wife and I got married last February, and during the photo shoot this little girl and her mom happened to be walking by,” Scott Robertson writes. “The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she’s holding).” Since this all happened during their photo shoot, photographer Stephanie Cristalli managed to snap some photos. The little girl even got a flower from the bride’s, Shandace Lerma’s, bouquet. “Your wife is forever the Princess of Ballard to her,” the little girl’s mom told Scott.


Two twins in one:

Model and singer Taylor Muhl was born with a rare condition called Chimerism. The California native's torso is divided straight down the middle with her skin color on one side and her twin's pigmentation on the other. Chimerism is an extremely rare medical condition and is when an individual is composed of two or more genetically distinct cell lines originating from different zygotes.

 Model 2 Skintones Twin

The 33-year-old fused with her unborn fraternal twin sister while in the womb. She has two immune systems, two blood streams and her sister's DNA.

Man who mowed lawn with tornado behind him says he 'was keeping an eye on it.' This is just classic.

 Man Tornado Lawnmower

391-Year-Old Bonsai Tree Planted In 1625 Has Survived Hiroshima And Keeps On Growing


Can We Blame the Mafia on Lemons?

Economists and historians are connecting the early rise of organized crime with Sicily’s citrus trade.

States That Can Be Described By A Single Photo

 Single Photo Describes State

Accidentally Excellent  How accidents led to the discovery of safety glass, super prints, penicillin, even silly putty.

Police Dog Fired For Being Too Friendly, Given Fancy New Job Instead

Gavel the German Shepherd was deemed too sociable for life on the force, so he's now officially been made Vice-Regal Dog instead.  In this new role, Gavel's duties include taking part in ceremonial occasions (while sporting a custom-made uniform), welcoming guests and tour groups at the Queensland Government House, and serving as a companion to the governor himself.

Listen to Bob Dylan's Nobel Lecture at Nobelprize.org or read the transcript

When I first received this Nobel Prize for Literature, I got to wondering exactly how my songs related to literature. I wanted to reflect on it and see where the connection was......

It began with Buddy Holly

If I was to go back to the dawning of it all, I guess I'd have to start with Buddy Holly. Buddy died when I was about eighteen and he was twenty-two. From the moment I first heard him, I felt akin. I felt related, like he was an older brother. I even thought I resembled him. Buddy played the music that I loved – the music I grew up on: country western, rock ‘n' roll, and rhythm and blues. Three separate strands of music that he intertwined and infused into one genre. One brand. And Buddy wrote songs – songs that had beautiful melodies and imaginative verses. And he sang great – sang in more than a few voices. He was the archetype. Everything I wasn't and wanted to be. I saw him only but once, and that was a few days before he was gone. I had to travel a hundred miles to get to see him play, and I wasn't disappointed.

And then Dylan recalls his grammar school education back in the days when students read great books and  used Spark notes to prepare for class.

But I had something else as well. I had principals and sensibilities and an informed view of the world. And I had had that for a while. Learned it all in grammar school. Don Quixote, Ivanhoe, Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels, Tale of Two Cities, all the rest – typical grammar school reading that gave you a way of looking at life, an understanding of human nature, and a standard to measure things by. I took all that with me when I started composing lyrics. And the themes from those books worked their way into many of my songs, either knowingly or unintentionally. I wanted to write songs unlike anything anybody ever heard, and these themes were fundamental.

Specific books that have stuck with me ever since I read them way back in grammar school – I want to tell you about three of them: Moby Dick, All Quiet on the Western Front and The Odyssey.

Winners of the Red Bull photo contest
The Overall Winner was Lorenz Holder for this image of BMX Pro Rider Senad Grosic on a bridge in Gablenz, Germany.

 Winner Redbull Photo Contest

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