June 23, 2017

Rage and Apathy

In the U.S, the escalating attacks and threats of violence against Republicans is deeply troubling.  Mary Katherine Ham writes Aftermath Of Alexandria Shooting Showed The Left’s Cultural Bullying At Its Worst

My, how quickly we move in the news cycle from Republicans literally shot to Republican overreach about Republicans being literally shot.....

A week later, one of the victims, Rep. Steve Scalise, had been smeared by one national media figure and told his wound was “self-inflicted” by a nightly news anchor while he was still in the hospital fighting for his life....

It all revealed once again the overweening cultural hubris of the American Left, which has been in control of so many institutions and the prevailing political narrative for so long, it can’t conceive of Republicans as victims even when they’re being shot. Many of them are cultural bullies convinced of their righteousness, and as Reid did, they’ll kick you when you’re down after being shot on a baseball field. Why, it’s enough to drive you to hire a giant, coarse, shameless bully of your own and make him president.

30 GOP Congressmen Have Been Attacked or Threatened with Death Since May
Twenty one of them were practicing on the Alexandria baseball field at 7 in the morning when a gunman opened fire last week. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three other people were wounded while the gunman, James T. Hodgkinson, prepared with "a lot of ammo," fought a gun battle with police before he, too, was shot and later died. 

Only the two Capitol Police officers assigned to Scalise "stopped a massacre".  The only members of the House that are given security details are constitutional office holders: the speaker of the House, the majority and minority leaders, and both the whips.  "Without Capitol Hill police, it would have been a massacre," Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican and one of the lawmakers on the scene, said on Fox News. "We had no defense, we had no defense at all.” Paul said the scene was like a "killing field." He added: "We were sitting ducks."

Scalise was the most seriously injured in the attack. The bullet pierced his pelvis, fracturing bones and injuring internal organs. He has undergone several surgeries and received multiple blood transfusions. He is no longer in intensive care and his condition has been upgraded to fair.

We learned from social media that Hodgkinson was an active Democratic activist and Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer who hated Republican members of Congress and raged against them online.

The FBI tried to claim that the shooting at the baseball field was spontaneous and had no target, despite all evidence to the contrary. writes Mollie Hemingway

The FBI admits that Hodgkinson:
vociferously raged against Republicans in online forums,
had a piece of paper bearing the names of six members of Congress,
was reported for doing target practice outside his home in recent months before moving to Alexandria,
had mapped out a trip to the DC area,
took multiple photos of the baseball field he would later shoot up, three days after the New York Times mentioned that Republicans practiced baseball at an Alexandria baseball field with little security,
lived out of his van at the YMCA directly next door to the baseball field he shot up,
legally purchased a rifle in March 2003 and 9 mm handgun “in November 2016,”
modified the rifle at some point to accept a detachable magazine and replaced the original stock with a folding stock,
rented a storage facility to hide hundreds of rounds of ammunition and additional rifle components,
asked “Is this the Republican or Democrat baseball team?” before firing on the Republicans,
ran a Google search for information on the “2017 Republican Convention” hours before the shooting,
and took photos at high-profile Washington locations, including the east front plaza of the U.S. Capitol and the Dirksen Senate Office.

The FBI’s briefing appears so contrary to the facts as to be insulting. When a man with a history of hating Republicans cases a location, takes pictures, verifies the targets are Republicans before opening fire, has a list of Republican politicians in his pocket, and shoots and nearly kills Republicans, it’s hard to swallow the FBI’s contention that the shooting was “spontaneous” with “no target.”

As Peggy Noonan writes in the WSJ Rage Is All the Rage, and It’s Dangerous,

That’s what we’re doing now, exciting the unstable—not only with images but with words, and on every platform. It’s all too hot and revved up. This week we had a tragedy. If we don’t cool things down, we’ll have more....

We have been seeing a generation of media figures ....losing their heads. ...They have been making the whole political scene lower, grubbier...By indulging their and their audience’s rage, they spread the rage. They celebrate themselves as brave for this.
Do your part, take it down some notches, cool it. We have responsibilities to each other.

In Europe, German police are wearing chain-mail armor as defense against knife-wielding terrorists


Sweden - A Paradise Lost: 150,000 women undergo FGM, authorities admit large areas under Islamic rule

Living under the world’s only “feminist government” is becoming increasingly dangerous, especially for  women.  Sweden has a population of 10 million (five million women and girls).  In the report,  partly written by SVT, the Swedish state media, authorities conclude that large parts of the country, including its capital Stockholm, are effectively ruled by Sharia-adherent Muslims.....

Big areas of Sweden are now under de facto Islamic rule. Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is almost completely surrounded by areas (commonly called “no-go zones”) that are veritably ruled by Muslim gangs and Islamic sharia police. “There is lawlessness in parts of the Stockholm region now,” a nervous police chief, Lars Alvarsjø, said. “There are some areas where we seem to lose control.”  ..... From 2015 to 2017, lawless areas increased from 15 to 23. According to the Swedish authorities, “religious police have taken the role as law enforcement” in many areas now.

Sadly, when Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani, two Muslim women, testified before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs about the ideology of political Islam, both speaking from their personal experience and with scholarly expertise, the four Democratic women senators brushed them off, chosing not to ask them a single question.  So they wrote an op ed in the New York Times:

...in the rubric of identity politics, our status as women of color is canceled out by our ideas, which are labeled “conservative” — as if opposition to violent jihad, sex slavery, genital mutilation or child marriage were a matter of left or right. This not only silences us, it also puts beyond the pale of liberalism a basic concern for human rights and the individual rights of women abused in the name of Islam....

The silence of the Democratic senators is a reflection of contemporary cultural pressures. Call it identity politics, moral relativism or political correctness — it is shortsighted, dangerous and, ultimately, a betrayal of liberal values.

The hard truth is that there are fundamental conflicts between universal human rights and the principle of Shariah, or Islamic law, which holds that a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man’s; between freedom of religion and the Islamist idea that artists, writers, poets and bloggers should be subject to blasphemy laws; between secular governance and the Islamist goal of a caliphate; between United States law and Islamist promotion of polygamy, child marriage and marital rape; and between freedom of thought and the methods of indoctrination, or dawa, with which Islamists propagate their ideas.

Mark Steyn, as usual, as the last word.

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