July 5, 2017

Miscellany #73

On a wing and a prayer! Bald Eagle struggling to fly is rescued in D.C. just in time for Independence Day
A Bald Eagle who was struggling to fly was rescued by a team of wildlife experts in Washington DC.  The adult bald eagle was struggling to breathe and was unable to fly after getting injured.  ...'According to City Wildlife, the eagle is in stable condition and prognosis is guarded.

The Simple Joys of the Dull Men's Club  Delight in the ordinary in a 3 min YouTube video

What you can learn from Einstein's Quirky Habits which were 10 hours of sleep, one-second naps, daily walks outside and eating spaghetti.  Well, for one thing, people who have more spindle events tend to have greater ‘fluid intelligence’ – the ability to solve new problems, use logic in new situations, and identify patterns.

10+ Best Pics From The Best Photoshop Battles Ever

 German Shepherd On Ice

After 500 years, Leonardo da Vinci’s music machine is brought to life

His extensive archive of ideas and schematics has been collected in a 12-volume set known as the Codex Atlanticus. It was in these pages that Polish instrument maker Sławomir Zubrzycki found a forgotten invention, an instrument played like a harpsichord, but with the sound of a chamber orchestra....Constructing the first viola organista  took Zubrzycki 3 years and 5,000 hours to complete.

Mick Jagger: ‘The Times hit the floor of my cell. The same day I was out’

Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel?

Why Did Greenland’s Vikings Vanish?

“It’s a good thing they can’t make you give your PhD back once you’ve got it,” McGovern jokes. He and the small community of scholars who study the Norse experience in Greenland no longer believe that the Vikings were ever so numerous, or heedlessly despoiled their new home, or failed to adapt when confronted with challenges that threatened them with annihilation.

The Nazis Had No Idea the “Perfect Aryan” Child in their Propaganda Was Jewish


7 Sanctuaries linked by a straight line: The legendary Sword of St. Michael

A mysterious imaginary line links seven monasteries, from Ireland to Israel. Is it just a coincidence? These seven sanctuaries are very far from each other, and yet they are perfectly aligned...the Sacred Line also is perfectly aligned with the sunset on the day of the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice....The Sacred Line of Saint Michael the Archangel represents, according to legend, the blow the Saint inflicted the Devil, sending him to hell.

 Sword St Michael

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