August 10, 2017

Some useful tips

Snapping a picture inside your hotel room could help protect children across the globe.

The TraffickCam app enables travelers to submit pictures of hotel rooms around the world. The images are matched against a national database used by police to track down where the victims are being trafficked. TraffickCam which now has more than 1.5 million images of hotels across the world is free and available for iPhone, iPads, and Android devices.

Don't worry about whether you left the stove on, Take Photos of Stove Dials Before You Leave for Vacation

You can clean and dry your underwear in just six minutes flat using a SALAD SPINNER

The detergent company Woolite has shared a video showing customers how they can clean and dry their underwear using a salad spinner. To get started, the company recommends filling the salad spinner halfway with warm water before adding a gentle detergent. After placing your underwear or bra inside the kitchen tool, spin for two minutes. Dump the soapy water and refill with clean water to rinse, and then spin again for another two minutes....Others recently revealed on Twitter that they use their salad spinners to hand wash cashmere and silk tops.

Make cheeseburgers the right way.  You Are Cheesing Your Cheeseburgers All Wrong And I Can't Stand It Anymore

Build a Luxury DIY Pool Using Only A Dumpster


For Easier Dog Baths, Just Shower With Your Pet

He’s happy to just stand in the bathtub and let me shampoo him as long as I’m doing it too. He’ll even stand in the shower after I get out and wait for me to come towel him off before he takes off running. It was a refreshing change, and something I regret not trying earlier.

How to Make a Cat Maze


Concealed Key Storage Using only a pill bottle


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