August 25, 2017

Tips you can use

If Nuclear Armageddon Comes, Whatever You Do, Don't Use Hair Conditioner

You must use soap and shampoo to wash OFF radioactive particles from hair and skin.  But don't use anything designed to stay ON your hair and skin like hair conditioner, moisturizing lotions or any cosmetics that contain oil because they can attract dust or radiation particles from the air.

'There is a right way and a WRONG way to carry your beige colored neck pillow through the airport'

 Beige Neckpillow Wrong

Chemists confirm that whiskey really does taste better with a splash of water

Diluting your whiskey with water makes it more flavorful, especially if it’s Scotch. The reason is guaiacol, an aromatic oil that gives the liquor its signature smoky flavor. When the scotch mash is put to age in charred oak barrels, guaiacol slowly seeps in. Charring wood creates wood creosote, so as the liquid interacts with the barrel’s walls, guaiacol migrates into the liquor....When whiskey is more than 50 percent alcohol, as is the case with some of the finer varieties, guaiacol tends to hang out deep in the glass. Adding a bit of water moves guaiacol closer to the surface, where you can better smell and taste it, creating a more satisfactory flavor.

Wine tastes better if you think it's expensive  Time to rename your Two Buck Chuck.

How to Make Your Tables Less Terrible.  Less is more effective, attractive, impactive.

A Navy SEAL explains what to do if you're attacked by a dog  Video at link.

 Navy Seal Dog Attack

The power of the plastic inbox  It’s been a huge success with many benefits.

If you're planning a vacation to an upscale Mexican resort, beware of the alcohol

The despair and frustration he’s facing are familiar to dozens of vacationers who have been victimized at upscale, all-inclusive Mexican resorts. Following blackouts, robberies, assaults, even the death of a loved one, they have experienced indifferent — if not hostile — treatment from resort staffers, local police, and doctors, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation has found....

For most, the trouble started when they blacked out after drinking small or moderate amounts of alcohol at resort bars. ...As much as 36% of the alcohol consumed in the country is sold or produced illegally, and potentially dangerous, according to a 2017 industry and government report. In a crackdown last week that followed the Journal Sentinel investigation, the government seized 10,000 gallons of illicit alcohol from a company that was supplying tourist hot spots around Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  U.S. State Department warns tourists about tainted alcohol at Mexico resorts.  Before you go, check out Mexico Vacation Awareness
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