September 1, 2017

Life pro tips

The 16 Best Cooking Tricks I Learned In Culinary School

1. If your food tastes bland, it probably just needs salt...The key to flavorful food is to season with salt during every step of the cooking process and at the end.

3. For glossy, restaurant-quality sauces, finish them with a pat of cold butter...4. And always deglaze your pan.

5. Completely dry your meats before cooking them. Whether it's roasted chicken or seared scallops, drying them ensures you'll get a crisp, golden skin that won't stick to the pan. Pat them dry with paper towels or let them air-dry in the cooler for a few hours before cooking them.

11. For perfectly juicy meat, brine it.

Use a light, a straw, an iPhone, and a Big Mac Box to take professional portraits
And follow the advice of Philippe Echaroux, a French photographer who did all the retouching on his iPhone.

 Philippe Echaroux Iphone Photographer-1

They are not awesome, nor will they change your life, but they are Useful life hacks

Leave Recipient Email Field Blank.  When writing an email, leave the recipient email field blank until you're ready to send it. This prevents accidental emails.

Avoid the Bystander Effect During Emergencies.  If you're in a large crowd and you need someone to call 911, point to a person and say, "You wearing the [insert color or style of outfit], call 911."  Yelling "Someone, call 911!" may incur the bystander effect, in which no one does anything because they expect someone else to do it.

Email Amazon For Money Back If the Product's Price Drops. If the price of a product you bought on Amazon drops in the next seven days, you're allowed to get a refund on the price drop.

Become the Airport Hero.  Bring a power strip with you to use at airports, and you'll never have to wait for an outlet to be available again.

Use a Fan to Blow Off Mosquitoes.  If you're sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air but not the mosquitoes, then point a fan at yourself to prevent mosquitoes from coming at you. These insects are weak fliers, so they won't be able to navigate the winds to land on your skin.

Use Floor Mats If You're Stuck in the Snow.  If you accelerate while you're stuck in the snow, then you may dig yourself into an even deeper hold. Take out your floor mat, tuck it in tightly front of the spinning tire, and slowly drive forward.

Clean When You Are Depressed.  It will distract you and make you feel like you've achieved something when you are done.

Babysitting tip

I gave my nephews $5 each. I told them to hold it against the wall with their nose, whoever dropped first would lose with the winner getting to keep both. Kept them busy for 3 hours.

 Babysitting Tip-1

Tall father teaches his 10-month-old baby to walk using a Hula Hoop
Gary Bell and his wife, Katherine, are rather tall, making it painful for them to be hunched over while teaching Cayden to walk.

 Tall Parents Hulahoop Toddlers

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