September 22, 2017

Miscellany #84

Inventor Stephen Davies is creating prosthetic arms for children in his garden shed

Hidden within the most ordinary of garden sheds is a state- of-the-art workshop where a brilliant designer makes prosthetic arms to help scores of children.  Inventor Stephen Davies was himself born without a left lower arm and never forgot the stigma of the NHS-issue prosthetic he wore as a child....Having learned how far lighter limbs could be created on a 3D printer, he began to experiment in his garden shed. He has now set up Team UnLimbited, which creates customized ‘cool’ limbs for children, featuring their choice of color and pattern.  The father of three said: ‘We’ve done Iron Man designs, Harry Potter, Lego and Spider-Man. The key is making something the child actually wants to wear and feels is cool enough to show their friends. The limbs work for children born without a lower arm. When the wearer moves their elbow, the fist closes, enabling objects to be grasped. Each arm costs about £30 to make, and takes a few days to print and assemble. All are made in the shed which is insulated with solar-powered air-conditioning to keep it within the very narrow temperature range needed for the 3D printer to work. 

 Inventor Stephen Davies+Garden Shed
Video interview at his shed.

People who came Face to Face with themselves in a museum

 Museum-Lookalikes #1

The world's favorite color is a rich teal

U.K. Papermakers GF Smith conducted an online global survey of over 30,000 people from 100 countries to determine which color people loved the most. An explosion of paper helicopters in Hull revealed the results. They named the shade Marrs Green in honor of survey participant Annie Marrs from Dundee, who chose the shade closest to the winning hue who said, 'The color was inspired by the landscape that surrounds me at home in Scotland and that deep green hue with a tinge of blue has always been a favorite of mine.'

 Revealed Marrs Green-1

 Marrs-Green Favorite Color
Marrs Green
Hex triplet #008C8C
sRGBB  (r, g, b) (0, 140, 140)

Incredible Coincidences - This Bird Landed On The Page About Itself

 Bird On Page

Photographer Niaz Uddin and his Aerial Lanscape Images

 Niazuddin Yellowstone
The Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park

Octlantis - the underwater "octopus city" discovered off the coast of Australia.  Short video at link.

This discovery of octopuses interacting in a high-density den challenges scientists' previously held belief that octopuses are solitary and antisocial creatures.

This 500 year old machine makes enchanting music.

A carillon is a large musical instrument typically housed in a bell tower. It spins a large wheel with spokes set at deliberate intervals, which strike pegs connected to bells. You can listen to Martin Molin and the 500 year old machine in the Speelklok museum, the Netherlands, at the link.

The Hobbit Churches.  Only six of the Icelandic 'Turf Churches' still stand.

 Hobbit Churches

Very funny video - The  Ultimate Dog Tease

 Dog Tease Funny Video

Beauty most of us will never see

Photographer, vlogger and a sailor, that’s how you can describe JeffHK, the author of this incredible 30-days timelapse which he took on a cargo ship en route from the Red Sea to Hong Kong.  Stitched together from 80,000 photos and 1500GB of project files, this journey takes viewers across the Indian Ocean and major ports around it. Showing not only the intricacies of a cargo ship operation but also the incredible natural shows like lightning storms or the incredible stars displays along the way.

 4K Timelapse Cargo
YouTube link

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