October 22, 2017

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12 Things Only Professional Cleaners Know
Drop of Olive Oil
“I use a drop of oil (olive oil or even baby oil will work) on a paper towel to shine stainless steel to get rid of any fingerprints I missed in cleaning and to keep the surface cleaner for longer. Buff the oil in—going with the grain of the stainless—and wipe off any excess with a clean paper towel. This trick is magic.”

Pull the Vacuum Cleaner Slowly
Pushing the vacuum forward is mostly about getting it into the right position. It's pulling it that actually removes any soil. “So slow down on the pull pass for cleaner carpets!”

Fight bedbugs especially when you're traveling  Keep soiled laundry in a closed bag and away from your bed.

Stubborn seborrheic dermatitis? This woman swears by raw honey and has the progress photos to prove it/
She explained: 'After washing with mild cleanser, I massaged a thin layer of raw honey into the affected area and left it for three hours, simple as that.  Honey's healing properties are backed up by serious research. Studies show it helps acne, eczema and psoriasis, and aids the treatment of deep wounds.

Food that should never go in a Disposal according to the Good Housekeeping Institute.
1. Celery and other fibrous foods like asparagus and corn husks.
2. Coffee grounds. They can build up and cause a huge sludgy mess in your drain.
3. Grease and Oil.  Do you want to create your own fatberg in your pipes?  Collect your drippings in an empty jar with a cover to toss away when full.
4.  Pasta and rice.  If they are put down the drain or get into a waste disposal unit, they will swell in size and could cause a blockage.
5. Potato peelings. Same goes for peeling from any starchy vegetable as I learned last year when I made a big pot of "Root Soup".  Too many peelings said the plumber I called often cause blockages.
6. Bones.  Wrap them up in a grocery bag and toss them.

The best way to get ketchup out of a glass bottle.
Banging on the end of a glass bottle will make the ketchup inside too runny which is why it will inevitably spurt out all over your meal. Instead, [the professor] says tapping on the neck of the bottle will give you much better control over the flow of ketchup.

How to lower the volume of a sneeze
Put your index finger at the base of your nose and push up slightly. (Dr. Nayak calls this the Three Stooges method.) This can suppress a sneeze or reduce its severity.

How to beat ANY stain using 10 everyday items you already have at home (including ice cubes for candle wax and rubber gloves for removing pet hair from upholstery from the Good Housekeeping Institute

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