January 17, 2018

Miscellany #91

The remote Siberian village, Oymyakon, Siberia is  so cold in the winter that eyelashes freeze in seconds. This week, the public thermometer in a the village known as the coldest inhabited place on earth  broken as temperatures plunged to near-record depths at -62C which is about -80F....Oymyakon has 50 permanent residents and its name means “non-freezing water” due to a nearby thermal spring.

 Frozen Eyelashes Siberia

How to Take a Picture of a Stealth Bomber Over the Rose Bowl
An aerial photographer explains precisely how he took this amazing photograph.

 Rose Bowl Stealth Bomber

NASA's $1 Billion Juno spacecraft Just Sent Back Gorgeous New Images of Jupiter after completing  its 10th high-speed trip around Jupiter in December. ..The robot gets relatively close to the gas giant planet and takes new photos with its JunoCam instrument roughly every 53 days, while travelling at speeds up to 130,000 mph. 

 Juno-Jupiter Photos

Two of the 2018 Hasselblad Masters

 Landscape Winner Benjamin Everett-Lopez-Island-Usa
Landscape Category Winner BENJAMIN EVERETT Lopez Island, USA

 Portrait  Winner Tina Signesdottir Hult Norway
Portrait Category Winner TINA SIGNESDOTTIR HULT Torvastad, Norway

Soap Bubbles blown in sub-zero temperatures turns into stunning ice crystals before bursting
Pre-school teacher Girlie Figueroa captured the phenomenon during sub-zero temperatures in Aldie, Virginia. The clip captures ice crystals dancing along the fragile surface of the bubble before it collapses in on itself. Her special bubble mix is made using dish-washing soap, corn syrup and water which is blown through a straw and works best below -13°F.

 Soap Bubble Ice Crystals

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