February 23, 2018

Miscellany #92

A Single Glowing Atom

David Nadlinger’s photo of a positively charged atom trapped in electric fields won the overall prize of science photography competition held by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and it’s continuing to impress people all over the world.  He called it “Single Atom in an Ion Trap."  The photographer managed to capture an illuminated atom suspended between electric fields. Magnified more, it's a pale purple dot that is so astonishing,  I was immediately reminded of the impact when we first saw our own pale, blue dot

 Atom-Blue Dot

These Bacteria Digest Toxic Metals And Poop Out Tiny Gold Nuggets

One metal-gobbling bacterium, Cupriavidus metallidurans, manages to ingest toxic metallic compounds and still thrive, producing tiny gold nuggets as a side-effect.

 Bacteria Poops Gold Nuggets
The arrows point to gold particles on C. metallidurans  (American Society of Microbiology)

Nuns, guns and the Wild West: the extraordinary tale of Sr. Blandina

According to legend, and to Sr. Blandina’s journal and letters, one of Billy the Kid’s gang members had been shot and was on the brink of death when the doctors of Trinidad, Colo. refused to treat him. Sister decided to take him in and cared for him for three months, nursing him back to health. But Billy the Kid (William Leroy) was still unhappy. Word got out that the outlaw was coming to town to scalp the four doctors of Trinidad in revenge. When he arrived, Sr. Blandina intervened, and convinced him to call off his mission on behalf of his man she had saved. After that incident, Sr. Blandina and Billy the Kid became friends. She once visited him in jail, and he once called off a stage-coach robbery as soon as he realized Sister was one of the passengers.

Rediscovering the Blazingly Bright Colors of Ancient Sculptures and why most of us grew up believing classical sculpture is white.

 Classical Statues Were Painted

The great story behind  John Singer Sargent's portrait of Theodore Roosevelt

 Theodore Roosevelt By John Singer Sargent, 1903

How to get dressed, 18th Century style
After watching this fascinating video, I now understand why women needed help to get dressed for the day and how they went to the toilet with all those clothes.

Before and After - Extraordinary Street Art

 Exreaordinary Street-Art

My Life Not Knowing What Colors Look Like.  A woman with color-blindness.

Here I am, 16 years old, at a brand new school, and I just want what every other 16-year-old wants: to fit in. I was leaving English class when this boy Thomas came up to me and said, “I think your eyes are bleeding.” I thought it was a prank, or a weird joke, and I just kind of laughed and shrugged it off.

When I got home later the makeup I’d put on that morning was still out on the dresser. My red lip liner and my brown eyeliner were both Clinique brand, and I’d mixed them up. Thomas thought my eyes were bleeding because I’d been wearing bright red lip liner on my eyes all day. I was mortified, and I never wanted to make that mistake again. To this day, I make sure my lip and eyeliner are always different brands.

Flowering Stones

Lithops are beautiful succulent plants that have evolved to avoid being eaten by grazing animals by blending in with the stones in their natural environment.  In the wild, Lithops inhabit vast dry regions of South Africa. Like a cactus, they survive due to their capacity to store water for long periods of time. The leaves are thick to store enough water for the plants to survive for months without rain.


The Reactionary: Aphorisms of Nicolás Gómez Dávila

Where Christianity disappears, greed, envy, and lust invent a thousand ideologies to justify themselves.

Society until yesterday had notables; today it only has celebrities.

In the modern state there now exist only two parties: citizens and bureaucracy.

The bourgeoisie is any group of individuals dissatisfied with what they have and satisfied with what they are.

In medieval society, society is the state; in the bourgeois society, state and society confront each other; in the Communist society, the state is society.

Beauty does not surprise us, but fills us till we overflow.

The Wheel of Feelings

Feeling a certain way, but not quite sure of the best word for it? The wheel of feelings is a literary (or thereapeutic) tool for lending precision to fear, anger, disgust, sadness, happiness and surprise.
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