April 9, 2018

Miscellany #94

'Homer can help you': War veterans use ancient epics to cope

The trials of Odysseus are really not that different from the struggles of those learning to readjust after wars of today, modern veterans are finding....For many in the UVM class, Homer's 2,800-year-old verses seem all too familiar: the siege of Troy, the difficult quest of Odysseus to return home after 10 years at war, his anguish at watching friends die, and his problems readjusting to civilian life....."Using Homer, because of the distance involved and also its great storytelling, is a way to break into those experiences."..."It opens that avenue so that they can speak to issues that they are having."  Homer-for-veterans is the brainchild of Dartmouth College classics professor Roberta Stewart, who is now hoping for a grant that will allow her to expand the idea nationwide.

Julian Peter's A Visual Interpretation of "Birches", the poem by Robert Frost  is just charming.

Delingpole: NOAA 2.5 Degrees F Data Tampering – ‘Science Doesn’t Get Any Worse Than This’
In other words, pretty much the entirety of the 20th century warming in the U.S. “measured” by the world’s primary temperature record gatekeeper may be fake.

'Worst ever' sex gang case cop claims his bosses thought stopping Telford child abusers was 'too much trouble'
A police source says he was 'horrified' after court orders against more than 20 suspects were abandoned

Man Tattoos Entire Face Grey, Dyes Beard White, Ends Up Looking Like a Negative Version of Himself


Adam Curlykale, a 32-year-old tattoo enthusiast, claims tattoos helped him get over a really difficult period of his life. When he was 22, he was diagnosed with cancer of the large intestine, and although he managed to beat the disease, the aggressive medical treatment he had to endure took a heavy toll on his body. ...Months of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, molecular therapy and stem cell therapy caused several skin conditions and a partial disappearance of the pigment in the skin, otherwise known as albinism. People in his native Poland did not accept him, and Adam admits that he had problems accepting himself.  Eventually, he became depressed, suffered from eating disorders and even contemplated suicide. Luckily, tattoos saved him.

“Have children” - wrote Bruna Estrela

“If I could only give my friends advice, it would be this: have children. At least one. But if possible, have 2, 3, 4 … Brothers are our bridge with the past and the safe harbor for the future. But have children.  Children make us better human beings.  What a child does for you no other experience does. Traveling the world transforms you, a successful career is rewarding, independence is delightful. Still, nothing will change you as permanently as a child....

Have children so you can receive that a and a tight hug when you get home, and feel that you are the most important person in the whole world for that little being. Have children to see them smile like you and walk like your father, and understand the beauty of having a part of you going around the world. Have children to re-learn the delight of a bubble bath, a bowl of water in the heat, playing with a dog, and eating mango without any concern about not getting your hands (and clothes) dirty while doing it....

Have children just because you have so much to learn. Have children because the world needs us to be better.

Cascade of Lava Extraordinary photographs taken by Michael Shainblum at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

 Lava Cascade

The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At The Worst Hotel Guest Ever Who Got Banned From Hotel For Lifetime

If you haven't read this story yet, you must.  It will have you laughing out loud.

The Curse of the Bradford Pear
All those white blooming trees you see everywhere... are an environmental disaster happening right before your very eyes.

Feather Stars.  Watch the Rare Moment when a Feather Star is Swimming.

 Feather Star Comasteridae - Oxycomanthus Bennetti-001

Feather stars are usually found curled up during the day, but at night they extend their feathery arms to catch plankton in the currents.
They float, crawl, roll, walk or even swim through the current to different locations. Some small animals like clingfish and crustaceans can be found in the arms of feathers stars....Very much like sea stars if their arms are damaged they can regenerate at will.  They are marine animals called Crinoids  that make up the class Crinoidea of the echinoderms. Those crinoids which in their adult form are attached to the sea bottom by a stalk are commonly called sea lilies. The unstalked forms are called feather stars.  They live in both shallow water and in depths as great as 30,000 ft.

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