August 25, 2018

Health Roundup: Food Edition

Scurvy, A Deadly 18th Century Disease Is Making a Comeback -

This disease we now know is caused by the simple lack of vitamin C and its deficiency causes symptoms like bleeding gums, decaying teeth, thinning hair and overwhelming fatigue.  Such a deficiency can be cured by an orange a day. People with Scurvy are not eating any fruits and vegetables or overcooking them which destroys the vitamin C.

Eat your apple peels

Nutrition scientist Dr Joanna McMillan said there are wide-ranging health benefits of natural plant chemical polyphenols - and a large proportion of them are found in apple skins. The latest science has found apple polyphenols may have a role to play in weight loss and stopping the growth of cancer cells. Emerging research also shows they may even slow the progression of osteoarthritis.'

Want to Live Longer? Don't Cut Out That Bread and Pasta

From a recent study published in The Lancet. Researchers found that people whose carb intake made up less than 40 percent or more than 70 percent of their daily calories had a higher risk of mortality than people who consumed a moderate amount of carbohydrates. Those who got approximately 50-55 percent of their energy (from calories) in carbohydrates had the lowest risk of an early death.

You have to TRAIN your mouth to enjoy Brussels sprouts

When exposed to bitter foods, saliva makes proteins that bind to these flavors. The more binding that occurs, the less a person can taste bitter or sharpness. In the study, participants' saliva adapted to bitterness within a week. Researchers hope their findings will help people get used to a healthy diet.

A daily dose of Brussels sprouts could prevent everything from arthritis to heart disease by keeping your gut healthy, research suggested in October 2017: Mice fed a diet supplemented with Cruciferous vegetables, which also include broccoli and cabbage, are better able to tolerate digestive issues.  Researchers say such produce contains a substance that promotes gut health and barrier function. Maintaining a healthy intestinal lining could prevent so-called leaky gut syndrome, which exposes the body to toxins and pathogens.

Most Vitamin Pills Are Useless, But Here Are The Ones You Should Take

Multivitamins: Skip them - you can get everything you need with a balanced diet.  Vitamin D: Take it - it helps keep your bones strong and it's hard to get from food.  Antioxidants: Skip them - an excess of these has been linked to an increased risk of certain cancers, and you can eat berries instead. Vitamin C: Skip it - it probably won't help you get over your cold, and you can eat citrus fruits instead.  Vitamin B3: Skip it and eat salmon, tuna, or beets instead. Probiotics: Skip them - the science isn't advanced enough yet for them to have a significant benefit, and you can eat yogurt instead. Zinc: Take it - it's one of the only ingredients linked to shortening a cold. Vitamin E: Skip it - an excess has been linked to an increased risk of certain cancers, and you can eat spinach instead. Folic acid: Take it if you're pregnant, or if you might want to get pregnant.

The 4 vitamin hacks everyone needs to know

The time of day you take various supplements can be almost as important as what you take. In the morning after breakfast, take your B vitamins and co-enzyme Q10, both of which provide energy and your probiotic. After your evening meal, take your multivitamin, calcium, vitamin D and fish oil since  your body’s repair and regeneration processes are more active at night and your body can use the nutrients in the tablet much more efficiently at this time of day and you’ll get maximum benefit from them.

Snacking on almonds is the best way to compensate for skipping breakfast, study of students reveals

Results, published in the journal Nutrients, suggest students who munch on almonds have lower blood sugar levels two hours later, as well as 34 per cent less insulin resistance, than those who eat crackers.

Oxford professor of evolutionary psychology argues alcohol has been key to mankind's survival and success

Friendships protect us against outside threats and internal stresses. For humans this is where shared bottle of red wine plays powerful role. Alcohol causes us to lose social inhibitions and triggers brain mechanism intimately involved in building friendships.

The pill that stops you getting fat:

New drug 'forces the body to burn fat and keep slim even on an unhealthy diet'
Scientists at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia have invented a drug which stops the fat-creating process in the body, which they say could help tackle heart disease, cancer and dementia. In a study on mice, the animals given the drug managed to stay slim even when they ate high-fat foods. The pill – named PO53 – causes fats like cholesterol to be burned up by muscles instead of building up in the body, and experts hope it will also work in humans.
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