Jill Fallon

About Jill Fallon

When she was widowed for the second time, Jill Fallon was inspired to create EstateVaults� to help people take care of the business of their lives more easily and securely and at the same time keep their affairs in order for their families.

She believes that a lot more people would get their affairs organized if they only knew where to start. EstateVaults� enables people to organize easily all their critical information and vital documents � financial, legal, personal and medical � securely and confidentially in one very safe place and to collaborate easily and securely with the people they want in an online Private Office. Life changes force people to get organized, it�s when people make the most important financial decisions, and it�s when people are the most confused about what to do and when. Peter Drucker once said, �The number of choices we face is an unprecedented change in the human condition---We are totally unprepared.� Jill calls it the Business of Life� and EstateVaults� is one tool that can make life easier and give people peace of mind as they take charge of their wealth and their health and work collaboratively with their trusted advisors.

Jill has had a varied career in law, politics, communication, and business, but is now knocking on doors seeking pilots and funding for her start-up company, Estate Legacy Vaults. However starting a company and looking for money are two steps removed from her passion - helping people leave behind larger legacies � not just their money and their stuff , but the gift of good record-keeping and the experience and stories of their lives, what they learned and what they loved. The Business of Life blog is what she does when she�s not writing on her other blog Legacy Matters or doing what has to be done to raise money.