February 4, 2005

Not Fantasy Coffins, but Creative Cremains

Ghana may have its Fantasy Coffins, but California's got Creative Cremains.  A San Francisco company is bringing  a unique, personalized  alternative to the traditional funeral urn.  You can commission a work of art for a custom designed urn in any medium.

Funeral expenses are often the third largest purchase people ever make.  Cremation is much cheaper and if you can place ashes in a commissioned work of art that reflects the personality of the deceased, it begins to be a very attractive alternative.  Here are some of their custom designed urns.

   Ruby Urn -2

  Sailboat Urn-1

  Buddha Urn-1

Carpenter David Ricconi, one of the firm's two co-founders said, "If you spend $10,000 for a casket, you're burying $10,000 worth of bronze.  For a fraction of the cost, you can have something done by a future Picasso."

Or you can modify family keepsakes or artifacts to hold the ashes of the deceased.  When a mother who collected frog ceramics died, her children chose to modify her collection to hold her ashes so each child could have a special momento.

You can even commission an urn for a beloved pet.

   Pet Urn-1


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