January 11, 2004

Eulogies -Emily Dickinson

Eulogies can make a funeral great. I've decided to excerpt quotes from some famous ones collected in The Book of Eulogies edited and with commentary by Phlluis Theroux.

Emily Dickinson
As she passed on in years, her sensitive nature shrank from much personal contact with the world, and more and more turned to her own large wealth of individual resources for companionship....Not disappointed with the world, not an invalid until within the past two years, not from any lack of sympathy, not because she was insufficient for any mental work or social career - her endowments being so exceptional - but the "mesh of her soul" ...was too rare, and the sacred quiet of her own home proved the fit atmosphere for her worth and work....

To her, life was rich and all aglow with God and immortality. With no creed, no formulated faith, hardly knowing the names of dogmas, she walked this life with the gentleness and reverence of old saints, with the firm step of martys who sing while they suffer

written by Susan Gilbert Dickinson, her sister-in-law, who found over a thousand poems in her bureau drawer

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