May 24, 2004

Senior Boomer Trainwrecks

I'm reading Ken Dychtwald's Age Power, on how the baby boom generation is about to transform into the largest elderly population in human history, changing how everyone lives, large and small.

His take on the Five Social Train Wrecks We Need to Prevent.

    1. Using 65 as a marker of old age -- and the onset of old-age entitlements -- is meaningless, unfair and even dangerous.

    2. Without a dramatic shift in healthcare skills and priorities, our society will face epidemics of chronic disease.

    3. A caregiving crunch could become the social and economic sinkhole of the 21st century

    4. Tens of millions of boomers are heading toward a poverty-stricken old age.

    5. Without envisioning a new purpose for old age, we are creating an "elder wasteland."

Somehow, I think they will all pale aside of the sight of aging boomers at the Mick Jagger @80 Farewell Tour

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