January 14, 2005

Celebrating Lives Well Lived - Oh Well

You don't often see ads for mortuaries except for discreet ads in the obituary pages.  That's about to change.  Boomers want funerals to be more about their lives and they are not alone in their interest in personalizing funerals.

That will likely change as the interest in personalizing funerals continues to grow.  Baby boomers are saying they want the funeral industry to be more about their lives.   

Kristi Arellano reported  in the Denver Post (sorry link expired)

Denver's Fairmount Cemetery & Mortuary  has launched a billboard and print campaign featuring black-and-white photographs of smiling people accompanied by epitaphs such as "Walked on all seven continents" and "Put six kids through college." 

The tagline: "Celebrating lives well lived."

The aim of the ads is to bring Fairmount to the forefront of people's minds when they find themselves planning a funeral and secondly, to encourage funeral planning. 

Can't argue with that, but what about lives not so well lived.

Oh Well

via Jim Treacher

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