February 22, 2005

Boomer Burials and Scatterings

I never cease to be amazed at the variety of burial and cremation choices now available  for aging boomers as they plan their last wave out.

I've already written about creative cremains, fantasy coffins, rocket rides for remains to rest in space, green burials, dust to mulch, and in boomer remains  how diamonds are forever, silk urns get through airport security, and the promessa process to turn your body into compost. 

But I never knew about harleycaskets where you can choose the "custom casket built for bikers" with a velvet interior and custom "highway to heaven panel and decals"

Or the DNA Genome Vault to preserve your genetic strands inside a miniature pyramid with a 3-D memorial bust on the top.

Golfers  - and some golf widows - should know that cremated remains can be poured down one of two putting-green holes that lead into two large ossuraries or containers, underneath the putting green for eternity on the greens at Catawba Memorial Park  in North Carolina.

If you love parties and fireworks, why not go out with a bang with the help of Angels Flight for a "scattering from within a beautiful fireworks display".

The Eternal Ascent Company is offering franchise opportunities to join their growing business  - and the patented process of sending cremated remains on their "final flight to the heavens in a giant balloon."

If you want to make a statement and an environmental tribute at the same time, consider Sea Services for burial in a bio-degradable "Ocean Urn that gently cradles remains at the ocean's depths than safely dissolves".

Sea lovers or scuba divers might really like the idea of eternal reefs where your ashes are mixed with concrete and buried at sea, part of an artificial reef where you sleep forever with the fishes. 

Or, in Italian style, you can become one with nature again, buried in Mother Earth, naked and in the fetal position,  all tight and cozy in a biodegradable pod from capsulamundi with a tree planted as your marker.

And this is only the beginning of the Long GoodBye.

UPDATE:  Just one day after I posted this, I learn that Hunter Thompson is going to have his remains fired from a cannon.

If you hear of any more, let me know.


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