March 7, 2005

Knowing How to Die

Gerald Vanderleun has written a post on the Passion of the Pope that demands to be read. 

Here is a mere man refusing to just let go, declining to let a convenient and orderly succession proceed as would any sensible CEO, rejecting the advanced euthanasia formulas easily available throughout the western world, and refusing the cup that would take him down into a world without pain, a sleep without dreams, and a death in which the Vatican's silver hammer cannot be felt and the calling out of his name cannot be heard?

Why would anyone, many ask, suffer, when they could simply elect to die?
The Passion of the Pope is a living lesson that will teach many things to many millions of the faithful and the atheist alike in the days to come, not the least of which will be that the value of life in all conditions and all stages is not something that can be casually discarded or medicated or made easy simply because we can elect to end it.

I can add nothing that he didn't say better.

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