March 21, 2005

Featured in Time Goes By

I am pleased, delighted and honored today to be featured today in one of my favorite blogs.

I'm a huge fan of Ronni Bennett and her blog Time Goes By.   She not only  addresses what it's really like to get older, she does so with passion and humor and sometimes with an insouciance that makes aging seem just another of life's adventures and mysteries and not something to be feared.

I love her small photo essays and I think her rule of telling a story in several sentences to illustrate photos is a wonderful way to tackle the overwhelming amount of photos we all have, choosing the best to create a personal legacy archives to leave behind as evidence of the lives we lived. 

She is certainly a pioneer, one of the first these days to write unflinchingly about aging.  She will not be the last on the aging beat and those that follow her have a high bar to meet.

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