April 9, 2005

The Funeral of the Pope

John Paul the Great  - a title won first by popular acclamation - was born on the day of a solar eclipse, May 18, 1920 and buried on the day of another solar eclipse, April 8, 2005.  The prophecy of the Irish St Malachy from the 12th century, which could be a forgery, still seems eerily prescient.  The characteristic foreseen for this Pope was "de Labore Solaris"

From around the world, millions came in a modern day pilgrimage to pay their last respects to their beloved Pope, their fisherman whose shoes were a jaunty Italian leather, whose parish covered the globe where all are children of the same God.

What beauty and magnificence there was in the funeral mass, in the ancient chants and heavenly music, in the outpouring of love, in the litany of the saints and the incense burning before red-robed cardinals, before the heads of state of 70 nations, before kings and queens, and the millions gathered in the Square and around the world. 

Flags, applause, Santo Subito, mighty winds, and a final beautiful requiem by Leo Wong of which the image below is only a small part.

                    Leo Wong-Requiem

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