August 26, 2005

Michael Yon's Gates of Fire

What is it like to be facing death in Iraq?  What do the soldiers go through?    What are the stories you're not hearing?

Michael Yon tells us in Gates of Fire.

Reaching around the corner, I fired three shots into the shop. The third bullet pierced a propane canister, which jumped up in the air and began spinning violently. It came straight at my head but somehow missed, flying out of the shop as a high-pressure jet of propane hit me in the face. The goggles saved my eyes. I gulped in deeply.

Gerard Vanderleun says it's one of the greatest pieces of front-line reporting in the past 60 years and without a doubt the single greatest dispatch to come out of the Iraq war.

He's right. 

Michael Yon has found his purpose and is making his legacy alongside American troops stabilizing the situation in Iraq. 

Hats off to Michael and all the soldiers at Deuce Four.

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