October 1, 2005

$50 million Jennings' Estate

ABC News reports that Peter Jenning left an estate worth over $50 million.

The New York Daily News got the first look at Peter Jenning's will which was filed Wednesday in the New York's Surrogate Court in Manhattan.

Jennings, 67, left the bulk of his estate in trust for his two children, Elizabeth, 25, and Christopher, 23, from his marriage to writer Kati Marton, according to the will, filed Wednesday in Manhattan Surrogate's Court.
He left his Central Park West apartment to his widow, Kayce Freed, whom he wed in 1997, as well as a portion of his estate, as laid out in a prenuptial agreement the couple signed before their wedding.
Jennings, who died last month after battling lung cancer, reportedly earned as much as $10 million a year during part of his tenure at ABC. His will lists $50 million in personal property and $3.5 million in real property in New York.

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