October 10, 2005

'Too many to mourn'

It is impossible to imagine 30,000 suddenly dead in the Kashmir earthquakes. Here's a BBC report on one Pakastani family. What sadness, what grief.

So far they fear a cousin, a brother-in-law and his mother, brother, wife and four-month-old child are dead, and they have yet to hear from a sister in another village.
"We have uncles, aunts, and other relatives who are all dead," Jamil Ahmed, from Leyton, said.
"The local school collapsed and we don't know how many girls are buried underneath. There is no help."
The family are in constant contact with people in their village as they frantically try and get news about loved ones.
"Our brother-in-law, his mother, brother, wife and baby are all trapped. People can see their feet but they can't reach them," said Mr Ahmed.
'Too many to mourn'
"They buried 12 people today. Normally you would have 200 people going to one funeral, but only 25 people went to the burials. There is nobody around to go.
"People have laid many of the bodies out on the field, they are sitting with the dead bodies because there is no one to help bury them.
"There is nobody to dig graves for these people."
There are so many people who have lost their lives, we don't know who to mourn. There are too many to mourn.
Zahid Bashir, their nephew, said his brother is a doctor at a local hospital, but fortunately was not working there when the building collapsed.

"He said all the doctors at the hospital are dead. There is no one to give medical help." 

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