October 28, 2005

Shocked Widow Heartsick

I think Medical Examiners should be required by law to tell a family if some of the organs were kept behind and not sent with the rest of the body to a funeral home for burial preparations.

They didn't in Massachusetts and his grieving widow, married only two years, was shocked to learn, months after her husband's funeral and burial, that HIS HEART had been left behind in cold storage.

Shocked widow heartsick: Organ was left behind at autopsy.

   Boston Herald

Months after burying the love of her life, the widow of a Waltham firefighter was horrified to learn that the state Medical Examiner's Office failed to return her husband's heart to his chest after an autopsy.

``She was absolutely stunned. She's been waiting for the heart to arrive on her doorstep,'' said Andrew Meyer, whose law firm, Lubin and Meyer, Kathleen Felt has hired to sort out her nightmare.

As the absent heart of firefighter Robert ``Bobby'' Felt lingers in cold storage, his widow now faces the painful decision of whether to exhume his body or dispose of the heart some other way.
Felt, 33, a lifelong Waltham resident, was assigned to the Moody Street Fire Station from 1996 until Aug. 27, 2004, when he internally bled to death on his couch after ingesting the prescription pain reliever Naprosyn.

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