August 26, 2006

Treasured Family Recipes

"Could you PLEASE, PLEASE send me your bread-pudding recipe from your original book -- my husband gave it to me years ago with a wonderful message comparing our marriage as a mixture of 'spices,' " wrote Elaine Acosta in an email message to Paul Prudhomme, owner of K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen in the French Quarter and author of eight cookbooks. "My house blew or floated down Hwy. 11 and I lost everything. I'm living with my daughter and son-in-law and their family and they want bread pudding, NOW!"

Comforting Food: Recapturing Recipes Katrina Took Away.

How many memories are contained in dog-eared, splotched, nearly illegible recipe cards mothers keep in battered tins on kitchen counters?

  Family Recipes

Food is how we keep our family traditions and culture alive.  I know I am flooded with memories of Floss when I eat ginger snaps made from her recipe.  One brother who had many sojourns in Asia always traveled with the recipe for her gravy.  Think about what family recipes you would be desolated to lose.

Every year my mother makes a special trip to Chinatown for raw peanuts, the essential ingredient for her renowned peanut brittle.  With a 50 year- old pressure cooker, now used only brittle, she makes batches of peanut brittle every year to give away at Christmas to the mailman, the newspaper delivery girl, the folks at her car dealer's and countless family friends.  After Thanksgiving, anticipation builds and mouths begin to water with the foretaste of the treat in store for them.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Ruth's peanut brittle.

Unlike the baker who kept the secret of his cinnamon cake and took the recipe to his grave, I've captured the secret of Ruth's peanut brittle, but I need a few more before I can make a book of it. 

Consider making some of your favorite, family recipes part of your Personal Legacy Archives.    Using Blurb, you can make a book of the best and give it away to relatives for Christmas.

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