September 11, 2006

Denise Gregory

It is a universal truth that memories fade over time.   

Denise Gregory was only 39, an employee of Carr Futures working as a foreign exchange clerk on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Center when the first plane struck.

Her name is on the honor roll of those killed but that is all.  There are no obituaries, no tributes, no portrait of grief in the New York Times.

There is only a photo.

  Denise Gregory

Who remembers Denise Gregory?    Where are her friends and family? 

Her employer Carr Futures is now Calyon Financial, headquartered in Chicago.    I contacted Calyon Financial,  a global brokerage firm with offices around the world,  several times to find out about Denise, but all my calls went unanswered.  Even when I left messages saying I was planning to make a tribute to Denise on September 11, no one would return my call.    Corporations have short memories. 

And so the forgetting begins.    All that's left is the photo and her name.

Did Denise have someone to call and say I love you before she died?  The entire office survived the plane crash but no one made it out of the building.  Did she have someone's hand to hold?  She must have known that death was certain.  Was she afraid?  Did she have faith?  I hope so.  Was she brave?  Was she loved by someone who misses her still?  We will never know.

All that we know is that Denise Gregory was an ordinary American woman, going about her business  when the forces of darkness and hatred in the hearts of terrorists from Saudi Arabia, acting under the  direction of Osama Bin Laden, blew her to smithereens. 

People say they will never forget.  They always do.  Only writing survives to give hints about a person killed.  That and the memories of the people who loved her.  Where are they?

Only a photo and her name remains.

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