November 11, 2006

Ed Bradley Had Cool

Ed Bradley was one of those people I liked that I thought would always be there until he wasn't.    He died Thursday from leukemia that I didn't know he had.  I will miss him.

Twenty five years with 60 minutes made him a familiar figure in millions of homes across America.

Some tributes to the trailblazer from CBS News. 

President Bush and Laura Bush remembered him for producing "distinctive investigative reports that inspired action and cemented his reputation as one of the most accomplished journalists of our time."

Mike Wallace
Bradley was "a kind, gentle, strong man. A first-rate reporter and a first-rate human being.  When he laughed, he laughed whole-heartedly from down deep. He was just an absolutely delightful man."

CBS News chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer
Bradley "was simply the coolest person I have ever known. He was a great observer of the American scene with a shrewd eye and a terrific sense of humor. And let me tell you, no one ever put one over on Ed Bradley."

The New York Times obituary
Even many close colleagues had not known that his health had been deteriorating precipitously for several weeks. On the day that last segment was broadcast, he was admitted to Mt. Sinai. He remained there until his death. “This has been a long battle which he fought silently and courageously,” said Charlayne Hunter-Gault of the “News Hour with Jim Lehrer,” who was one of several close friends at Mr. Bradley’s side when he died this morning. “He didn’t want people to know that this was a part of his struggle. He didn’t want people feeling sorry for him. And for a good part of his life, he managed it.”

To generations of television viewers, Mr. Bradley was a sober presence — albeit one who occasionally wore a stud in one ear — whose reporting across four decades ranged from the Vietnam War and Cambodian refugee crisis to the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and the Oklahoma City bombing (his was the only television interview with Timothy McVeigh). He won 19 Emmy awards, including one for “lifetime achievement” in 2003.

Who knew he was such a good friend to Jimmy Buffett. 
“I made the mistake once of letting him get onstage with my band, and he never stopped doing it,” the singer Jimmy Buffett, a friend of Mr. Bradley’s for 30 years who was also with him when he died, said in a telephone interview today.

The Washington Post obituary   
Ed Bradley had cool like a vault has money.

R.I.P. Edward Rudolph Bradley, Jr. 1941-2006

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