November 25, 2006

Developer of LexisNexis Died in front of his Computer.

The "inventor" and developer of Lexis Nexis, the vast electronic database  used by law firms, the news industry and libraries, died November 12. 

H. Donald Wilson, 82, died of a heart attack in front of his computer at his home.

From the Washington Post.

"He was essentially a practical visionary," said Paul G. Zurkowski, president of the Information Industry Association from 1969 to 1989. "At the time, the technologies were just emerging and people were focusing on the technology, but Don focused on their application to publishing."

Mr. Wilson started by developing a business plan for an engineer's invention of how to better search text for certain words or phrases. That plan became a company that started LexisNexis, now the world's largest online electronic library of legal opinions, public records, news and business information.

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