February 12, 2007

The Merry Cemetery

  Romanian Gravestone
via Scribal Terror comes this Romanian gravestone

Burn in Hell you damned Taxi                       
That came from Sibiu
As large as Romania is
You couldn’t find any other place to stop
Only in front of my house
To kill me?"

She got it from The Spirit of Romania featuring the Merry Cemetery

The Merry Cemetery, an original folkloric art museum was founded in 1935 by a craftsman named Ioan Stan Patras and owes its fame to the vivid colors of the headboards on which are naively painted scenes narrating the biography of the deceased. The accompanying simple-rhyming stanzas are sometimes lyrical, sometimes ironic, but always sincere and never indulgent. The cemetery has become a chronicle of the local community.

....as a reward for its unicity and originality, Sapanta was declared the second  memorial monument of the world, right after the Egyptian Valley Of The Kings.

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