May 7, 2007

Recipes for your Legacy Archives

Since I putting together a book of my mother's favorite recipes complete with photos of her, the dishes and some of the handwritten recipe cards, this article by Ellen Claire Girardaeu stood out.

I can make a fine beef and vegetable soup because Mother wrote out the recipe in minute detail for me, and I can read.

The Perfect Recipe for Warm Memories

The handwritten ones are especially dear to me. They conjure the presence of the people who wrote them. Sharon's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Bobbye Raye's "petticoat tails" (which I think is just a cute name for shortbread, but the recipe works, while most shortbread recipes don't), Joan's nuclear black bean salad -- all are in the book. But Mother's soup has pride of place.

It is hard to explain exactly how much finding Mother's soup recipe meant to me. Seeing her writing, reading the funny little asides that wouldn't make sense to anyone else and don't make much sense even to me, is like having her standing before me. Maybe the touch of her hand still warms the paper a tiny bit. All I know is that the recipe brings my mother to life for a moment, and that is enough.

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